Lei Chambris


Lei Chambris


Chemin des Espèces Gandelon

83690   SALERNES



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+33 494 76 11 56


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+33 660 99 52 00


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Ideal for families and groups of 6 to 12 people


Accommodates up to 15

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Paradise in Provence

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rejeuvenate the soul, and find that quiet space within



In harmony with the rhythm of the seasons, our courses

are adapted to individual needs and ability; we teach

postures, breathing exercises and relaxation in order

to develop strength, balance, and physical and mental




These techniques are used to rebalance the

body and mind through the practice of Hatha Yoga;

composed of Asanas (postures) and Pranayama

(breathing techniques), relaxation and the practice of internal cleansing exercises (Sat Karma). Besides contributing to health and well being, yoga aims to offer a practical means for development and human fulfilment.







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